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I loved this birthday party that Micah went to yesterday. It was perfect. I watched a bunch of kids “decorate” cakes and then run around a yoga studio for about two hours. Hula hoops, loud music, bright colored frosting all over faces, and tons of giggles. Pretty much the highlight of our week.


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Picture Friday.

So I was talking with another mama, Abby, who intends to write on here. We were thinking some pictures from our week could be a really awesome thing to every Friday. I was inspired by Amanda Blake’s blog where she captures a moment every week that simply says it all. It is a moment to savour and requires no words of explanation. I love that.

If you have one of your own moments to share please link in the comments!

Here is my moment from this week:


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Sad school news

So this has been a hard year for Micah. He is in Kindergarten at a school that we really love, but is just not a great fit for him. It is more on the traditional side of things despite the dual-language program. Micah needs a more fluid school setting where he is able to be just who he is. I actually think most, maybe all, children would flourish in a non-traditional and more open school setting. That is sort of another post though isn’t it?

Today I found out that Micah has been wait-listed at the school we applied him to for next year. No Open School for Micah it would seem. I am grumpin’ about it right now and trying to figure out how to best accommodate Micah in the coming year.

I don’t worry about Micah learning. He is incredibly intelligent. I do however worry about his spirit being crushed by the education machine. I don’t have the option to homeschool him because his dad is not one for homeschooling and we are obligated to make schooling decisions together. So, I send my child off everyday to a building that I believe is entrenched in a system designed to make children into better workers and consumers. The staff at his current school are wonderful and I believe fight against that system as best they can. But, it is still present.

Now we are waiting on his IEP and GT testing results… More meetings and paperwork!

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A whole lot of diaper info

I found this website  while looking for a cheaper way to cloth diaper Zola. We are currently using a diaper service, which is wonderful for the newborn stage. I would like to switch to washing my own. I did that with Micah and it was super easy. There is something really sweet about a clothesline full of cloth diapers blowing in the sunshiny breeze.

So, I am hoping to find a serger to borrow and make these soon. I love the idea of using recycled fabrics that are already sitting in the thrift shop awaiting a new use and home. Less junk and waste is always a plus right?

I do promise to post some real articles this week. But, I wanted to fill the void for now.


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A weekend something from Clayton

I love the arts which resonates with the parent as much as it does with the child. Bohemian Rhapsody is an example of this.  Belting out your favorite ballad is even funner with kids as equally into it.  Here’s combining a great song with a great production- again art speaking to both the parent and the child.

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An open invitation…

When I became a mother I did not know of any radical parenting resources. I then discovered Hip Mama and Mothering. Over the years those have been invaluable resources to me. I have read and cherished so many parents perspectives on issues you simply would not find in mainstream parenting magazines. Still, there are some perspectives I do not feel are heard often enough. There are issues that anarchists deal with that other parents simply do not. I mean, how does one explain why you have a calender with pictures of cops on fire hanging in the kitchen? Or how do you tell your kid we’re not doing that President’s Day homework because it is a stupid waste of time? Not topics you find discussed on huh?

There are also other parenting voices and perspectives that get left out all too often. Queer and trans parents do not get heard nearly enough. Single parents, step parents, and poly parents are other folks that need a chance to share their experiences. This blog is what I hope will become a space for those voices to be heard.

Right now I am working on putting my thoughts together on a few things. My daughter, Zola, was just born six weeks ago and I’d love to share the story of her birth. It was empowering in exactly the ways birth should be. I am also currently going through the experience of raising an incredibly spirited boy who is the rowdy/distractable kid in the Kindergarten class. The term ADHD is something that is being tossed around a lot in the many visits I’ve had with Micah’s teacher, school psychologist, and assistant principal. Yeah, my kid is the one spinning around in circles singing instead of doing the math puzzle. So we have a lot to talk about regarding that journey! We’re also a blended family. My partner, Dave, is a brand new papa and growing into the role of step-papa beautifully.

Basically, we live a messy life. A messy, albeit beautiful, life indeed. I think we all would love to hear about the hilarious, heartbreaking, and beautifully messy families that are out there. So this is the official call out for anarchist, queer, trans, radical, quirky, single, step, poly, et cetera parents to share heartbreak and triumph alike!

If you would like to be a contributor please contact me at:


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