Who we are

We are an online collective of parents that are raising our little humans to challenge the world as it is. Some of us are anarchists, queer, non-monogamous, leftist, transgendered, or just downright square pegs refusing to go into that round hole!

This is not an easy path for parenting. It can be alienating and lonely at times.

Maybe the other moms on the playground thought you were weird for breastfeeding without a blanket over your boobs. Perhaps the other kids at school wonder why lil’ Emma has a daddy wearing a dress. Or you constantly find yourself explaining why your family has not two parents but three. Or four! So this might be the blog that finally resonates with you.

We all write about our own perspectives, daily lives, triumphs, and trials. Each contributor has their own unique voice that expresses their own political and social background.

If you are interested in contributing please contact Josie at shapsmcgee at gmail dot com.


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