Procrastination – the word of the day…

I’d like to say I’m a busy mom, too occupied with doing puzzles and reading stories and organizing playdates, and that’s why I didn’t post my Friday picture on “Picture Friday.”

I’d like to.

But I won’t.  The reality of it is simply this: I’m a spacey mom with a touch of laziness.  I remember to do things and tell myself I’ll get to them after this project is done.  I leave said project midway through to tend to a broken fixture.  I repair broken fixture and hear cries of, “Mama, I want ‘nuggles!” and realize I have terribly, horribly neglected my children for half an hour.  So I read them a story.

If I manage to stay awake through the whole thing or not get distracted by a story of my own.

This is life in my world.  Every moment is one adventure after the next.  It’s a journey – you take that first step heading west, and somehow, you end up south-by-southeast by day’s end.

Let this photo be a warning to you – if you love Smurfs (or are terrified of food dyes), be careful when you tell your children they can have a snack as soon as you’re done cuddling your lover.  They hear you say, “Mom will be right down, let’s just help ourselves and save her the trouble!”  And the next thing you know, you end up with this:

Smurfs for snack

(For the record, I am a food-dye-paranoid mama.  The blue food coloring they imbibed came from a package we used to dye “oceans” they made in jars).


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One response to “Procrastination – the word of the day…

  1. haha! the realities of motherhood! i love this post, thx for sharing! 🙂
    i can so relate to the wandering mama mind, unable to focus long enough to actually finish a task It’s because we have SO many tasks to juggle i say.. thats my story and i’m stickin to it…

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