Picture Friday.

So I was talking with another mama, Abby, who intends to write on here. We were thinking some pictures from our week could be a really awesome thing to every Friday. I was inspired by Amanda Blake’s blog soulemama.com where she captures a moment every week that simply says it all. It is a moment to savour and requires no words of explanation. I love that.

If you have one of your own moments to share please link in the comments!

Here is my moment from this week:



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2 responses to “Picture Friday.

  1. awww..sleepin angel, looks like she’s smiling too, thats the best!:)
    oh, sweet soulemama. i ❤ her blog. my foto of the week would definitely have to be the 5th one down in todays blog post, http://misswrangler.blogspot.com/2010/03/newest-backyard-addition.html..
    sorry, i dont have it on flickr or anything to link too.

  2. Gotta say, she looks just like her sleepin’ daddy.

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